A Drop of Magic: Introducing Typewriter Tuesday

I remember being about seven or eight years old and begging my mother to let me play with her typewriter. It came in what looked like a massive hard backed suitcase, and the moment it opened and that beautiful machine was placed on the desk, my fingers practically sizzled with electricity and anticipation; I remember the smell of metal, ink, and paper, the smell of magic…

Maybe it’s the sounds, maybe the way the keys feel as you press them down with purpose, the way you have to use the carriage return to move to the next line, I couldn’t say, but ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with and loved typewriters.

A few years ago, in a series of circumstances that screamed fate to this fiction loving fiend, including my birthday coinciding with finding a beautiful (incredibly priced), Royal Typewriter from the 20’s with the original typewriter handbook and included a new ribbon in addition to the one in the still working typewriter.


As an author, I find it fun to sit down at this beauty on occasion and type whatever comes to mind. It’s one of the few times free writing works for me. There’s something about a typewriter with a waiting page that invites the fingers to strike the keys and watch the paper come alive.

I’ve sat down a time or two to type out some nonsense here or there just to play with the keys and the carriage return, to have a reason to hear the clicking, smell that ink and paper perfume. But then, I thought, perhaps I could do something a little more constructive with this typewriter love of mine.

My thought was to start a series of posts where I would take a few minutes and type out a few hundred words and see what comes out. After writing and putting together a couple of posts before launching (you know, adulting!), I started wondering how many others out there might have a love of typewriters and writing too! How many might even have a working typewriter and want to write a post of their own?

So I posted on Twitter to see who might be interested but on further thought, it might be easier to explain and see who might actually wish to participate here than in 140 character spurts on Twitter. Not all things work best with brevity.

So what am I looking for in a post?

  • Written on a typewriter (obviously); it doesn’t matter the year of the typewriter, or if it’s electric, no snobs here, just love of typewriters!
  • No minimum, but up to one full page
  • Topic and genre don’t matter; fiction, nonfiction, prose, poetry, send it all! (Please no extreme gore, unnecessary violence, or hate)

The rest is up to you! Surprise me, surprise yourself; let those fingers fly! I am not sure what to expect and have no idea how many people may have interest in or access to a functional typewriter, but I’ll never know without trying! So, starting next week (March 8th) I will launch my first Typewriter Tuesday Post!

I’d like to invite anyone and everyone with interest to send in your own typewritten piece to be posted on my blog.

Those interested should send:

  • An email to dmg@dmgbyrnes.com with the subject: Typewriter Tuesday
  • A Word document (or copy into the body of the email) with your post (for readability purposes)
  • A picture/scan of your typewritten post (both will be posted together)
  • A short bio (less than 50 words), a photo to go with it, and link to your website (if you would like)
  • A photo of your typewriter (optional)

I have no idea what to expect, but I’m excited about the possibilities!! 😀 Next week I will post one of my own to kick things off, but please send whenever you wish! There will be a weekly post every Tuesday, and one random guest each month with guest posts will be featured in my monthly Newsletter!

Please feel free to ask any questions, and of course to share with anyone you think might be interested. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got!

Remember, this is just for fun, something to get the writing muscles warmed up. Use time on your typewriter as a spring board for your creative juices, try something new, explore a character or setting, you decide! There’s no pressure, just a fun way to write and use typewriters, because

typewriters are cool doctor

Are you a typewriter fan? Why or why not?



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