Smart Modeling Safety and Safely

As an artist and avid lover and appreciator of artists and their fantastic works, I find myself lucky enough to also call many artists I know, friend. It’s after a conversation I had with one

Regina del Mondo Dell'ombra
Regina del Monde Dell’ombra by Lenta Scura

such friend, an artist that goes by Lente Scura (you can find his sensational work here or here ) that prompted the subject of this post, which is some basic safety when it comes to modeling.


Modeling comes in many forms and is done for a multitude of reasons. For instance, I usually only work with artists I know to create single pieces or collections of work based on those collaborations. For example, a photography shoot with and/or so an artist like Lente, or HourGlass Imagery, can base a new piece or set of pieces around them. And this is where safety comes in, whether you know your collaborators well or not. In the end, it keeps all parties safer.

The Summoning- HourGlass Imagery
The Summoning by HourGlass Imagery


I don’t work with many photographers, and often know the ones I do, and work with them more than once if we work well together. Modeling is not my trade, but art is. Regardless though, I do all I can to be safe and as comfortable as an introvert can possibly be. Here are some basic things to remember to model safely (for all involved):

Research and references-The two R’s, if you want to be catchy and if it helps you remember. When opportunity arises, you should research who you’re working with, and where you’re working if you are unfamiliar with the location or area of a shoot. You can also get a sense of what their work is like. Also, if you haven’t worked with a certain photographer before, it’s good to ask other models they’ve worked with, particularly ones you know. Having others vouch for a photographer’s respect, professionalism, and work is a huge deal and carries weight. References are great to have.

Bring a chaperone/escort- This is a number one rule for me, especially if I have not worked with a certain photographer before, do not know the person well, depending on the location of the shoot, or comfort level and wardrobe of the shoot. A chaperone or escort is generally a friend or colleague, someone you know and trust to be a quiet observer assuring your safety and comfort level, and a photographer’s reputation. Some photographers will say they don’t allow escorts because they may be a disturbance, and if that’s their answer, you should walk away. It’s up to a model to decide if they want someone with them, for whatever reason, and no one should tell you otherwise. I personally question anyone actually telling you that you aren’t allowed to bring someone to assure your safety.

Make sure someone knows what you’re doing- If you decide not to bring a chaperone (perhaps because a shoot is out in public or not in a closed or studio setting), you should at least be sure that someone knows where you’re going, when you’ll be there, and a time they can expect to hear from you to check in, and someone you can call in case of an emergency. In the age of social media, many models announce their shoots on their pages, but it’s still a good idea to be sure someone you know and trust has a few more details, like an address and timing. If you end up carpooling or traveling with someone else, take down license plate and send that and info about the car to whoever you’re checking in with. Better to be safe.

Details ahead of time- Photo shoots that are done well take time and planning ( though not always, there are sometimes some sensational impromptu photo shoots, but those usually happen with someone you know and not someone you just met who happens to have a camera and claims to be a photographer).  Generally speaking though, when working with a photographer you’re planning to shoot with, there is a discussion before the shoot where details are shared and gone over. These include what the purpose or inspiration of the shoot is, what is desired or expected of model or photographer, what wardrobe will be and who provides it, make up or use of a make-up artist, and location and time of the shoot. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but usually these all make their way into the conversation before the day of the shoot. The amount of detail and planning can radically differ from photographer to photographer, or shoot to shoot, but some things should be established ahead of time, wardrobe being a big thing, or more accurately, lack thereof. Some less than reputable people posing as photographers will sometimes try to convince a model to take off a bit more, or give a few of ‘these’ a try, etc. or otherwise go beyond what a model signed up for, often with a lot of pressure, guilt, or shame. Which leads to my next point…

Stick to your guns- Don’t ever compromise your desires or comfort in the moment to appease a photographer (or anyone) that tries to get you to do more than was discussed or something that you don’t feel comfortable with at the time. Keep to what was discussed before your shoot, and what feels right to you. Some great things come from shoots where model and photographer work together and are comfortable with each other. But, if you decide for any reason you don’t feel comfortable with a situation or how a shoot is going, then trust your instinct and stick to your guns. Say something, remove yourself from the situation if you need to, whatever you need to feel safe.

Bring these with you- charged phone and a charger; your own water and medicine (such as Tylenol, Advil, etc,), it’s safer to have your own than to take something from someone you don’t know well; mace/pepper spray/ other deterrent, because honestly, you just never know, but know how to use it; some cash and debit/credit card, along with your license, even if you aren’t driving (if those three things haven’t been ingrained to you by your mother), so that you always have a back-up way to get home.

The point is to enjoy the work that you do and that is created from that, and to get home safely without compromising your comfort level. Be safe, and create something beautiful!

Il Giorno di Corvi
Il Giorno Di Corvi by Lente Scura



Inspiration Corner: Art Spring

It’s been a while since I’ve shared  up a hearty helping of art inspiration, though it’s certainly not for lack of devouring hours’ worth of art ogling.

Spring (the weather we’re supposedly having between blasts of winter), unsurprisingly  brings to mind awakening Mother Nature, growth, and rebirth, which also makes me think of rising from the ashes. So, here are pieces from some amazing artists that caught my eye and inspired me (links to the artists’ original post if you click on the piece):

field_of_flowers_iii__mother_nature_by_ireneastral-d7ff5wd phoenix_by_guillaume_phoenix-d7k11t2

ashes_of_ophelia__s_death_by_lunebleu-d2zs6ps prayers_of_mother_nature_by_mrnepa-d7he7qs

mother_nature_by_silentplea-d45rzm9  from_the_ashes_by_tylercreatesworlds-d6u93wc

ashes_to_ashes_by_alexiuss-d76x37t  ashes_of_time_by_iardacil

phoenix_by_laura_csajagi-d1mdi6k  mother_nature_by_alicechan-d6f8z2t

their_strength_by_westling  spring_by_phoenix_feng

s_reborn_by_anotherwanderer-d733tiv  mother_nature_by_kelogsloops-d7p25ke


ashes_by_ariel87-d6qd6tj  from_the_ashes_by_nataliedecorsair-d6xnets

ashes_to_ashes_by_elestrial-d38wx0y  karolinkacuddziewczynka_by_krowka7-d5z9hrd

spring_by_yuchenghong-d2ler0d  spring_by_littlepurplebee-d3ehv3y

the_tree_by_shortcircuit123-d7el269   new_by_chriscold

life_by_alectorfencer  spring_by_la_chapeliere_folle-d63cn4r

new_life_by_rawrrrr_321      tree_of_life_by_emberblue-d4l2vnr

life_by_endzi_z-d3iiw61  tree_by_marcoso86-d1wgctj


I hope you’ve enjoyed some of these. Do you have any favorites?


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Inspiration Corner: Halloween Edition

Can you hear leaves scraping the ground and crumple beneath feet, the wind moaning through trees scraping against window panes, can you see them clawing at the sky, feel them clutching at walkers-by as they’re pressed upon by wailing winds? Can you hear rustling skirts and cloaks,  cackling laughs from dark corners, crinkling wrappers, guilty giggling of candy sneakers? Halloween is nearly here! And with it always comes some spectacular Halloween themed art!!

halloween_gate_by_jerry8448-d4ao5y2 sad_halloween_by_yaichino-d5jkwj0


__halloween_by_kissmysteffy  _happy_halloween__by_enijoi-d84rmts   maxresdefault   halloween_by_atrociousfairytale  happy_halloween_by_yaichino  halloween_by_coconutsky-d5in16zArt-painting-Halloween-horseman-pumpkin-light-horse-burning-eyes_1920x1200

halloween_mansion_by_jerry8448-d2znuuq  halloween_succubus_by_telthona-d84m9gg




sweet_halloween_by_blavatskaya-d6qkjw0  halloween_witch_by_jerry8448-d5d5nn4  halloween_witch_by_inshoo1-d74rt4h  pumkin_elf__happy_october___by_sakimichan-d9cbgfk






one_lone_witch_by_autumnsgoddess-d3avczd  this_is_halloween_by_yaichino-d6shs70   the_king_of_halloween_ii_by_seifer_sama-d30aisk  athena_as_vampire_by_zeldacw-d6syh3c


halloween__s_tale_by_lunebleu-d4e3wkl   happy_halloween_by_zindy   gaian_vampires_halloween_wp_by_jenzee   dust_and_echoes___halloween_2012_by_senyphine-d5ilg1y   ad308d5a3db03d8425d1cc126f69a207-d4eizon


halloween_raven_by_jerry8448-d839pii    happy_halloween_by_syrilla-d4em5nlthe_zombie_bride_by_fee_absinthe-d4e09nv



halloween_by_auroraink-d5jnngj  happy_halloween_by_stressedjenny-d31qdk2

Have a safe and spooky holiday, everyone! Please feel free to share some of your favorite Halloween art, or, even better, your Halloween costumes!! Happy Halloween!!

Inspiration Corner 2

I’ve been having a bit of a rough time lately; it’s been a very long summer for me. Depression and anxiety are high and vying with frustration for my time and energy. With every hope to change this, I turn once more to beautiful things and inspiration, medicine for my soul.


Inspiration Corner

It takes only moments to become completely and hopelessly distracted while seeking out inspiration. Whether utilizing the vast store of images I’ve saved to my computer over the years, or turning to the Google gods, one “quick look” can turn into hours. After a while, it’s no longer a matter of searching for, but absorbing all of the wonder that is before you…at least that’s how my inspiration wanderings tend to go.

I have folders upon folders, bookmarks aplenty, a host of sites, and more to turn to for sparks of creative juice, or just to ogle extensively as I imagine each movement or color that became a part of the piece I’m looking at. Both for my own drawing, painting, etc. as well as for my writing, I use visual art to stimulate my thoughts, to aspire to, to give my soul the much needed food it seeks.

I love art in all its many forms. My taste is eclectic and my preference in style or subject is often dependent on my mood, but I still soak up each new work I come across that imprints on my mind, heart, or soul and eagerly look forward to what I might find next.

I am also fortunate that the friends I keep often produce pieces that inspire me.

Friend or stranger doesn’t matter, I am incredibly thankful for all the breath taking works that inspire me and their wonderful creators.

What are some examples of what inspires you?