Sensational Spoken Word Poetry Favorites Worth Your Time, Pt. 2

Hello lovely people. I know, it’s been quite a while since my last post. So much has been going on and a lot of my priorities and goals have shifted. Though blogging is no longer a focus of mine, I’ve come across some absolutely amazing poetry and poets that I’ve fallen a bit in love with and would like to share with you all.  I highly recommend you give them a listen.


Andrea Gibson –“To the Men Catcalling My Girlfriend as I’m Walking Beside Her”

“Any feminist who has ever taken the high road will tell you that the high road gets backed up…”

Porsha Olayiwola – “The Joke”

Sam Rush – “Body, Infinitive”

“call me anything other than this word this world stuck to the back of me like a kick-me sign”

Ollie Schminkey – “How to love Your Body in 10 Easy Steps”


Kyla Jenee Lacey – White Privilege 

“We learned your French, we learned your English, we learned your Spanish, we learned your Dutch, your Portuguese, your German. You learned our nothing, you called us stupid…” 

Porsh O. – “Water”

“…gator bait let you catch a alligator so big so vicious it bite like racism…”

Crystal Valentine & Aaliyah Jihad – “Hide Your Shea Butter”

“it’s not that I don’t trust white people, it’s that ya’ll really think my black looks better on you… “

Danez Smith – “Dear White America”

“…there are no Amber Alerts for amber-skinned girls…”

Franny Choi- “Whiteness Walks into a Bar”

Jess Rizkallah – “I am but I’m not”

“..suddenly I feel very much like a white girl, because I am, but I’m also not, but when I’m scared and I want to be it’s not impossible…”

Porsha O. – “Angry Black Woman”

“I hate that I only got three minutes to say this poem and I got about 10 minutes worth of angry”

Jaz Sufi – “A ‘Woke’ White Woman Calls Me an ‘Emotional Terrorist'”

“listen to how loud her allyship is….”

Porsha Olayiwola – “Tangle aka Rapunzel aka Long-Hair-Don’t-Care-and-What”


Violence Against Women

Blythe Baird – “Yet Another Rape Poem”

“But when I talk about my trauma I’m not asking you to carry it or relieve me from it…

Desiree Dallagiacomo & FreeQuency – “America Rape Culture”

“from birth American culture teaches children which gender they will be, the perpetrator or the victim…”

Other Topics

Andrea Gibson – “Ode to the Public Panic Attack”

“…but we treat panic, anxiety, terror, as the failings of uncourageous minds…”

Diksha Bijlani – “In Which I Resurrect Wonder Woman”

“Let every Superman know that Wonder Woman will not hide anymore…”

Belissa Escoloedo, Zariya Allen, & Rhiannon McGavin – “Somewhere in America”

“there are things missing from our history books but we are taught that it is better to be silent than to make them uncomfortable…”

Rachel Wiley- “Big Women”

A.M. Pressman – “One of the Good Ones”

Bilal Moon – “Muslim Bill of Rights”

Muna Abdulahi – “Cultural Relatives”

“My family does not consist of blood relatives, my family tree consists of blood for each other and my culture has been shedding blood for generations…”

Porsha O. –“Fear”

“I do not tell her that there is nothing to fear..”

Porsha O. – “Capitalism”

“I’ll tie that American Dream around your neck and laugh while you lynch yourself for a dime, your soul is mine…”

Melissa Lozada-Oliva -“Like Totally Whatever”

“our ‘umm’s’ are the knives we tuck into our boots at night…”

Jae Nichelle – “Friends with Benefits”

“…because of her, I take the long way to my building to avoid someone who kinda looked like my ex boyfriend, because whenever I hand her the aux cord, she makes sure to play back all the times he told me no one else would ever want me because of her”


If you enjoyed any of these fantastic poets, be sure to check them out at their own sites and social media, and to find more of their poetry. These all affected me in one way or another, but Porsha O., Jae Nichelle and Andrea Gibson in particular made deep impressions on me. Did any poet or poem really strike a chord with you?

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