Plot Twist: When Life Takes a Turn…

I had intended and started writing a different post for today, but I couldn’t make myself finish it right now. The events of the weekend knocked what little wind I had, out of me. Besides the horrible, hate-fueled violence in Orlando, a woman I know, a wonderful artist and a friend, lost one of her teen-age daughters after a long battle with brain cancer.

Such sadness and pain deeply affects me, as I’m sure it does many others. Acutely empathetic, that’s me. Anyone who understands knows that it’s difficult to turn off, and can wear you down. So when it came time to write a particularly difficult post concerning a subject that needs attention after another horrendous offense to humanity occurred with a perpetrator by the name of Brock Turner, trouble abounded.

Even after I decided to change the subject of this post, it was arduous. Neil Gaiman describes a writer’s job best when he says it’s you versus the blank page, or screen, and that often times, the blank page wins. I can have endless strings of sentences and verse bouncing off the walls of my skull, but the moment I try to funnel them into words on a page, it’s like they disappear, evaporate.

I’ve also been extremely busy getting ready for a move…the dread of the bibliophile…book packing and moving…if only it were this simple

merlin books GIF


Add this to being incredibly behind in revisions on my manuscript, the fact that I’ve been trying out a new medicine for one of my chronic invisible illnesses, and generally haven’t been feeling well, I decided it was time to reevaluate things.

Next month will mark a full year of blogging (still hard to believe), which is a huge milestone for me. I’ve posted every Wednesday since then, adding the occasional post over the weekend with a review, and eventually a little fiction every Friday.

I’ve met some wonderful people over this past year, some with fantastic blogs of their own, and I look forward to finding and meeting more. However, I don’t want a blog to be the main focus of my writing energy (aside from perhaps the Fiction Fridays). I haven’t yet found what works for me to be as productive as I can be with my own writing. There’s wind did not blow her away adjusted sailsalways something to distract or disrupt, most my own body and the complications it causes in one form or another.

So, I plan to take at least a two week break from posting on Wednesdays (resuming July 6th), to get me through my move and on the other side of things. After that, I will most likely return, but posting every other Wednesday, and opening an invitation to guest bloggers (more details later, but if you’re interested, please send me an email). This is to give me more time to focus on my manuscript, poetry, short stories, and articles for other publications.

I will, however, keep positing The Legend of Leonard Letterman story each Friday on my Fiction Friday Page. (It’s certainly become a more involved tale than I originally imagined, such is the life of a writer, but I’m kind of enjoying seeing where it’s going)

Plotting Morticia gif

Even after the Letterman story is finished, the plan is to continue posting every Friday with bits of fiction. Hopefully this will give me some more reading time too, goodness knows, I could always use more of that. But, you know what they say about the best laid plans, so I suppose we shall see how things go.

Wishing you all the best.

hug for anyone hurting


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2 thoughts on “Plot Twist: When Life Takes a Turn…

  1. I’ve been making some of the same realizations. While I really enjoy many of the bloggy/social media things I’ve been doing, the shorter-term stuff has been taking time time and attention away from the longer-term projects. It’s insidious, especially when all of *that* stuff is competing with day to day life stuff. Kudos to you for making the necessary adjustments – I’ll be trying to re-balance as well. Good luck to us both!

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    1. Indeed, and incredibly frustrating. No wonder everyone seems to feel like they’re always just trying to catch up on their writing. Thank you, it was a hard decision and I’m sure I’ll get a bit anxious at first, but I think in the long run, I will be happier and get more done where I need to. Indeed! Good luck! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Best wishes.

      Liked by 1 person

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