A Pause for Blog Sharing

Today I’d just like to take a moment and share a handful of blogs I’ve found useful and enjoyed over the last 11 months of blogging. These are far from *all* of the fantastic blogs I follow or have found over the greater part of this part year, but I hope you take a moment and check a few of them out.

https://scribblesoncocktailnapkins.wordpress.com/ JA Allen
Not only can you expect to find some great posts from this writing related blog by JA Allen, including getting the chance to interact with and better get to know her, but she also hosts the Sunday Scribble Challenge! Every week she posts a writing challenge where a winner is selected and earns the prize of being featured in some way on the site, such as through a guest blog post or sharing of your work.

https://jeweleleonard.com/ Jewel E. Leonard
I met this lovely lady on Twitter and I also interviewed her about self-publishing her first book. She shares various things on her site and blog including Victorian-era newspaper articles and artwork, sharing excerpts from her novels, her writing journey, and more. She even has a 18+ page for her more salacious posts, if that’s your thing.

https://margecutter.wordpress.com/ Marge Cutter Tesch
It definitely took me a minute to get into the swing of Marge’s work, but once you realize it’s the adventures of her characters from an unpublished series that have ended up in the real world and are knocking about her house, it can quickly become a riot. She has a talent for humor and I heartily suggest you start following now to keep up with what these fantasy characters get into.

http://amariesilver.com/ A. Marie Silver
This is another blog for those with a sense of humor. There are often “Dear Ellen” posts that can be incredibly funny. I’m still laughing and cursing a certain coffee table with a penchant for knocking into young children’s eyes. I never know what to expect and sometimes that’s just what you’re looking for.

https://charityrau.wordpress.com/2016/03/29/i-love-libraries/ Charity Rau
This is a blog for book lovers. I’m pretty eclectic in my tastes and though not every book reviewed or suggested is my cup of tea, I’ve definitely added a few titles to my “to-read” list. She also posts author interviews and general book love.

https://janefriedman.com/writing-advice-archive/ Jane Friedman
I stumbled onto Jane Friedman’s site while looking for some querying help and haven’t been sorry. This is fantastic resource for every writer and should definitely be a blog you keep up with. Whatever stage or genre of writing, you can probably find a useful resource from here, and you won’t be sorry.

http://www.suzanneadair.net/ Suzanne Adair
For history lovers, or those perhaps just curious, this may be of interest. There are a lot of history links, a research library, and plenty of information about different eras and events in history.

http://rachelintheoc.com/blog/ Rachel Thompson
A big part of this blog centers on trauma and recover, advocacy, and discussing the various important issues related to them. There’s also some great information and resources for writers, including some great marketing tips. She also invites guest blog posts.

This blog is another must-follow for writers. There are plenty of tips, advice, and resources, but another great side of this blog is it also posts competitions and other writing/publishing opportunities.

I very recently (the last day or so) stumbled on this blog through another that I follow, and already I’m looking forward to seeing more. Besides introducing me to a ton of new and amazing blogs, it is full of inspiring posts and is very much geared towards building a community, which is wonderful to see.

There are countless other blogs out there, and that’s from someone who hasn’t had too much time to search through them all yet, but I hope you enjoy one or more of these. Please share a blog or two that you’ve found interesting or helpful to you and why!


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