Typewriter Tuesday Post 2 by DMG Byrnes

Typewritten Tuesday post 2.jpg


The open road before her was as exciting as it was terrifying. Never before had she been left to explore so many miles of deserted road alone. She had so rarely been left alone her whole life…well, that wasn’t entirely true. She had never been trusted to be out on her own like this, with freedom instead of a demanding schedule with no room for error or deviation.

She could hear the gravel being kicked up by her tires as she sped along the lonely road highly spoken of in so many songs by weary musicians. Dirt clouds kicked up behind her tires as she flew over the pavement where the dirt kissed the hot asphalt with little warning.

Though the sun beat harshly over her head now, as evidenced by the increasing temperature in the truck’s cab, up ahead, just on the edge of the horizon, she could see a looming cloud above the high plateau and empty road.

Her tires began to beat an unexpected and unnatural rhythm against the pavement, an unwelcome indication of a flat tire. As if in answer to her cursed thought, the steering wheel began to shudder beneath her tanned hands and her tongue let loose a steady stream of curses that would have made her father laugh his howling guffaw while her mother scoffed in the corner.

Her truck rattled and jarred its way onto the uneven terrain of the barely passable shoulder of that deserted, unnamed stretch of highway. She begrudgingly cut the ignition, taking a now appraising glance at the horizon before opening the squeaky door and taking stock of her truck wheels to find the traitor.


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