A Special Word of the Day : Amalgamology

First blog post of the New Year and well on the way to my first full year of blogging…I can hardly believe it. So much happened the last half of 2015, and I’ve managed to find myself in an excellent launching place for the start of 2016; a lot is going to happen this year.

But first! For those that have been following and perhaps wondered, or those new and curious, a special word of the day: Amalgamology. What is it besides the name of my blog? Well, first, it’s not technically a word (as in not in the dictionary)…yet (that’s right, I’m channeling Shakespeare  and Dr. Seuss here). I fused two words together, as many words are. First there’s amalgam, which is a mixture or blend, and then ology, or simply, the study of a subject or branch of knowledge. So what does it mean? Here’s my definition:

Amalgamoology: the study of a mix of blend of thoughts and ideas


The easiest way I can explain why I call my blog this is because…I don’t do the whole niche thing. There are many fantastically talented writers that have one area their platform is known for or raised on, or one topic in particular they focus on.

I completely understand the benefits involved with having a niche and working within that scope, a lot of things become a lot easier for marketing, finding your audience, much more. However, if I tried to pin myself down to only one aspect of….almost anything, I think I might combust.

The same thing happens when asked about my favorite book…singular

My interests are many and varied. Another way to say it is that I’m eclectic. I have a handful of useful “go-to” answers to the question of my interests, but if I were to give my full list, it would overwhelm anyone, including me.  In fact I will, most begrudgingly, admit that I probably will not have enough time to delve as deeply into everything that I want to in this lifetime…there are just so many amazing thing to read, learn, see, do!

Admittedly, a good chunk of what you will find on here is writing or literary related, but why choose when you don’t have to? I understand what is typical, but this is me forging my own path and I don’t think I should start changing that about myself now…I’ll save you any possible suspense, but me choosing one focus, topic, interest, otherwise, is not likely in the cards. I’m okay with that, I hope you are too! Who doesn’t like to shake things up occasionally? Believe me, there will still be plenty of writing related goodness (have I mentioned I’ve got plans?) 😉

If you’re curious about what topics might be on the horizon, or just in general where some of my interests in and out of writing and books lie, then here you go:

Writing– competitions, tips, useful resources, updates on my own, sharing of others’, etc. the list could go on. (stay tuned for an influx of fiction to be shared as well..plans, you know?)

Languages– this could come in many forms, I love languages and wish I spoke others as fluently as English. I know some German, a little French, bits of Russian, Italian, Spanish, Latin, ….the list I want to know encompasses and goes beyond these….(I said  a lot right?)

Awareness/Causes– many issues that could use attention including mental illness, abuse in all its many forms, Lupus and a few other medical issues close to my heart, etc., posts to raise awareness, combat stereotypes, offer help, and more are likely candidates.

Art– paintings, drawings, sculptures, mixed media, photography, artists I know, artists I’ve newly found, and more! Any way that I can slide some art in, you can bet I will.

Travel– it’s a big world out there, so much to see and experience, so much to learn! Places I want to go, sharing interesting tidbits from research, either for my books, or my own inte-…okay same thing, my interests, varied as they are.

Books– anything to do with books, reviews, suggestions, etc. also this and travel may overlap in the area of libraries, but you can definitely expect books.

Crafting– this could involve sewing, knitting, jewelry, clay, stuffed animals…anything that comes to mind when I’m in a crafty mood.


Really, I could probably be here all day but you get the picture: I have lots of interests, and I couldn’t choose just one or even two to focus on. If I end up doing so naturally, that’s perfectly fine, but I won’t purposely restrict myself to a few topics to suite a niche. That feels too limiting.

Thus, Amalgamology is the name of my blog (if you were curious). Does your blog have a specific name, word, or phrase for a reason? Please share what you named your blog and why in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “A Special Word of the Day : Amalgamology

  1. Ok so my blog, doesn’t have a name, it’s nameless gasp! ‘Ok ok, it’s ok SK, calm down, you got this.’
    So that’s one of the things that nearly stopped me from blogging in the first place, I even had a bout of existential blog terror, around blog six, (yes it’s a thing, trust me!) I was freaking out- Who am I? Where am I going with this thing? What’s my niche? Argggh!
    Then I read a few posts, about finding your niche, and some bloggers had said it had taken them a year or more. But then here you are, with a year under your belt… ‘SK, It’s ok, calm down… Breath!’
    So I just have a loose bag of things to blog about. Things that make me, me, I guess. I’m a former life coach, so that sneaks in. I like writing about writing, cause I’m always learning, and love to share. I write about my family, a little bit of art. But with five kids, my time really is limited, so I have to pick a few things to become excellent in, and squeeze a few other fun things in through the cracks. I’m really lucky that my 15-year-old is so helpful, or I probably wouldn’t get much writing in either! Thanks for a wonderful blog post! And yes, I had wondered what Amalgamology was, now I’m in the know!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I put off starting (and then) keeping up with my blog before and when I first started, one of the reasons being nicheless. According to most things I read, not having a niche was almost synonymous with failure (but I say pshaw to that). Not having a niche (and originally starting on blogger), a name for my blog seemed almost necessary.
      Haha not at a year quite yet, but I’ve rounded that halfway mark, or nearing it! Have to start some day right?
      Sounds to me like you’re in much the same boat, going with what feels right or peaks your interest, which is the best way to go, in my humble opinion.
      I don’t know how you do it SK, but wow, look at you go!! Thank you so much for sharing! Glad I could appease your curiosity 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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