Sharing Wishbone, the Little Dog that Loves Big Adventure and Books!

One of the greatest things about having a niece is sharing things with her that I loved at her age. Lucky for me, she is a reader, just like her auntie, and her mom. Then again, I do give her books every chance I get. Last year for Christmas, I gave her a boxed set of Amelia Bedelia  books. I used to enjoy them so much (the classic version of course), and I thought she would too. This year, I’m sharing this little guy:



(Can you believe there’s a website, I about died when I found it! It made me very happy for a moment.)


That’s right, Wishbone!! Everyone’s favorite Jack Russel Terrier with a love for reading and adventure.


It was the first TV show that recommended a book to my elementary aged self (weird!), the first of many to come. I have vivid and pleasant memories reading the books as well as watching the show. Even now, I remember that the paperback books had little pictures at the corner of the pages that you could flip through and see move (Wishbone chasing and catching a ball is what I remember) which was an amazing concept at the time.


Wishbone also inspired one of my first reading lists. Though the books and the show, of course, delved into classics like Ivanhoe, The Odyssey, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and more, I was just as eager to get my hands on the real thing. I remember writing down the names of the books Wishbone explored with intent to find and read them all. I also believe it was what prompted my attempts to read books like Romeo and Juliet at a young age. I still recall the day my mother spoke with the librarian about me getting a library card that didn’t have an age limit on it requiring an adult’s permission. My first ticket to freedom!


In this spirit, I tracked down a handful of the books and even a couple of the episodes to give my niece for Christmas this year, and I’m super excited about it.

The rest of the books are on their way!

Are there are any books or shows from your own childhood you would want to share with the next generation?

6 thoughts on “Sharing Wishbone, the Little Dog that Loves Big Adventure and Books!

  1. I loved Wishbone as a kid, and Amelia Bedilia too! Another show that I loved was My Little Pony, the original show. Also, I loved the Nancy Drew books. I look forward to sharing both with my nieces and nephews and any kids I might have.

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    1. I remember those! The original My Little Pony, wow, that was before both Wishbone and Amelia Bedelia for me. That’s wonderful! My niece got really into the new My Little Pony show, *sigh * can’t win them all haha.

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  2. I had a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal that, like Linus’ blankie, never left my side even when it was in shambles. Those Pooh books were my childhood.

    But, it was my dad that made bedtime story time! He made up his own stories and I gobbled them up. I just wish I could remember them all. I do remember the characters though and so on my bucket list is to memorialize him and his stories by writing a bedtime book with those characters. That’s the book I hope to read to my future grandchildren.

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    1. I still have a Linus blanket, or something similar, haha. I remember the show more than I do the books about Pooh.
      What a beautiful memory. That’s lovely. I would love to read that book, and to read it to my niece, (soon to be nieces).
      Thank you so much for sharing SC.


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