The Harry Potter Time of Year, also Known as December

Ah, the month of December is finally here, and there is one reason in particular that I eagerly await for this time of the year: Harry Potter. I would reread them each year before the next one was released. I’m not quite sure when, but at some point after the final book was out, I began reading them every year at the beginning of December.


Why December? Well, for one thing, the school semester usually ended the first week of December, which meant a break from mandated reading (even if I did enjoy it), also, it was like a treat to myself at the end of the school year and the semester. I knew the whole year that, come December and Christmas time, I would be reaching for my beloved Harry Potter books that line the bottom shelf closest to my bed; once more I would experience true magic at its finest, courtesy of the brilliant and wonderful JK Rowling.

Another reason it is in December that I revisit this tale is that, for some reason, Christmas and Harry Potter are intimately linked in my mind and heart. Perhaps it’s because no matter how many times I read it, it feels like something special, remarkable, and absolutely magical, which is how I think of true Christmas spirit. It’s like a present every year. Then, there’s also the fact that many scenes that come to mind often feature heavy cloaks and snow covered grounds, which of course reminds me of this chilly season. I have the impulse to make some hot chocolate, curl up with a blanket over my lap, cuddle next to a fire in a comfy chair, and enjoy this familiar and cherished tale.


I remember first picking Harry Potter up when I was in 6th grade, talk about a lifetime ago. I remember it so vividly because I first heard about the series from a peer that I met one day waiting for our respective guardians to pick us up from the school; she was the only other person besides me among the throng of students with a book open on her lap, reading. We became quick curb-side friends, only seeing each other while waiting to go home, and often talked about books we had read or were reading. She told me that I would probably enjoy Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, or, if I felt like it, I could start with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.


Somehow I ended up reading the second one first, a strange feat not often repeated in my reading history. Either way, I was enthralled, and I could not wait for the next one. Each year after, I believe, another one was released. I practically salivated over the doorstep, waiting for them to be delivered because my parents were gracious enough to pre-order them at my, and eventually my sister’s wishes. To say we both love these books would be an understatement, but that’s hardly uncommon among Potter fans.


As a reader, I will never be able to thank JK Rowling enough for the Harry Potter series, and all of her inspiration and wonderful words of wisdom. She does so much for so many generations and will for eons to come. As a writer, I admire her craft and skill and hope to attain a fraction of her respect and the pure joy she has brought to millions. Her story encourages me to keep going when my depression is devastating, and that even rejections will be temporary if you believe in yourself and keep trying.


A part of my heart will always be with Hogwarts, Harry, and all the rest, and every year I cherish my time with my old friends.  It’s the second of December and you can believe I’ve already plucked the first book from its place and have it at my fingertips when I have moments to steal between the pages. I will forever treasure these books because it always feels like returning home.



Do you feel this way about Harry Potter, or any other book? (I know, so many to choose from!) If so, I invite you to share some the books you love to reread and why. Or your favorite Harry Potter book! (if you can choose).



6 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Time of Year, also Known as December

  1. My birthday is in December and for my birthday 4 years ago my sister gave me the entire HP boxed set (I was very late to the Harry Potter world but I love it). I’m currently reading it with my daughter, so perhaps it will one day remind her of Christmas too. 🙂
    (Though I’m afraid that because Christmas in my part of the world happens in summer the snowy bits don’t quite resonate. Lol)

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    1. Happy early birthday! Aw, that’s a wonderful gift. I’m thrilled you’ve been introduced to the magical world of Harry Potter and that you are sharing it with your daughter. That is spectacular! There is still plenty of magic from Christmas to lend itself to Harry Potter, even without the snowy bits. 🙂

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  2. I love the Harry Potter series too, the lavish scenes, the rich characters are like coming home to a cherished friend. I also got to share them with my daughter and she loved them also. I’m not sure I could pick a favorite, probably the first one when Harry first finds out he’s a wizard! Pure Magic 🙂

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    1. Exactly! That must have been as priceless as it was precious. I have already been designated to give my niece a set of the books. There’s something ineffable about sharing works that make our hearts soar and our minds dream, with a child we’re close to. (I have a post coming up Wednesday about another beloved series I’m sharing with my niece this Christmas as her presents).
      It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite, for sure. I still gravitate to the third one because I really love Sirius and Lupin being introduced into Harry’s life, but honestly, I could (and have) reread them all a million times, haha. Thank you so much for commenting, SK 🙂

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  3. The Harry Potter novels were huge that decade (1997 & 2007) in so many different ways. Non-readers became readers. Children were inspired to reach for their goals, explore their creativity, and embrace their uniqueness. The staunch Right-Wing loosened up a bit and let their kids read something controversial (even read them themselves probably!). I could go on and on, but as a writer one more thing was forever changed by this series: the publishing industry. Publishing contracts were indelibly altered by the success of Harry Potter and J. K. Rowling’s foresight, even when folks thought she was nutzo. She’s not only an incredibly talented writer (says Stephen King) but she’s also a publishing pioneer.

    DM, I’m in awe that you read the whole series in December, thats some fast reading!! These books aren’t thin!! Man, I wish I could read that fast. But, kudos to you for rewarding yourself with your favorite books in your eponymous month.

    The series that impacted my reading most is Robert Jordan’s ‘The Wheel of Time’. Like Harry Potter, the series has really thick books (a dozen of them) released in and around the same time span as HP. Though I probably won’t ever re-read the whole series in a year (never mind a month – because there’s just too many to-reads on the list), I pick one up occasionaly and treat myself.

    Another significant thing that gets my creative juices flowing and truly suspends my disbelief (which is hard for my Spock brain) is the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie series. I re-watch them once a year. Its easier to do 12 hours than 12 books, lol.

    Hey, maybe I should consider making January my LOTR month, seeing as that is my Capricornish time of year. 🙂

    Enjoy your treat DM!! I really love that you do that for yourself – makes me smile and want to follow suit.

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    1. First, thanks so much for taking the time to comment, SC. JK Rowling indeed changed so much with her magical tale, any writer could take a lesson from her, regardless of genre.
      Haha, I don’t *always* finish reading them in December. That often depends on how much else I have going on, and how many other books I may or may not be reading at the same time, but usually, if not finished in December, it’s only a week or two of January.
      I know a few people who really loved the Wheel of Time series too. I never picked them up though I hear great things about the author that finished the series and put out some of his own Sanderson. Very curious about his Mistborn series.
      Good call, I very much enjoy the LOTR movies myself. I haven’t had a marathon of the movies in a while, perhaps I should change that. Hm…
      Thank you again SC. 🙂 I love bringing smiles to others.


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