Review Corner: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is a must read and must have for anyone who has ever felt the pull of inspiration and the desire to create. A college professor I had recommended it at lunch while we were discussing our respective fiction writing endeavors. I had recently watched a TED talk  with Elizabeth Gilbert and very much enjoyed it, so I became curious about Big Magic.




I won’t go into too much detail, it’s better to read her words for yourself, but truly, I must say I enjoyed reading this book. I may not entirely agree with everything Gilbert says or believes, but she also makes some excellent points and offers some advice on how we, as artists  and creators decide to perceive and work with inspiration, creativity, and our ideas.


Big Magic is split into six parts; Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust, and Divinity, each imbued with anecdotes and words of wisdom from Gilbert herself as well as what she has learned on her own creative journey.


From expressing the belief that we all have gems buried within us just waiting for the courage to dig them out, to discussing ideas as entities seeking the best partner to make them manifest, to giving you permission, if you can’t for yourself, to put your fears aside and live a creative life, and so much more, Gilbert presents a unique and amazing perspective that demands to be shared.


For this reason, I’m giving away a copy of Big Magic to bring in the new year with. Here’s how to win:**GIVEAWAY ENDED** 

  • You must be a resident of the US (or have a US shipping address).
  • Get one entry by commenting on this blog and sharing how you want to accomplish your own creative living or something that has recently inspired you.
  • Get another entry by posting about this Giveaway on Twitter  BE SURE TO INCLUDE ME,@amalgamology, IN YOUR TWEET SO I CAN COUNT IT!
  • You can Tweet once per day until the Giveaway ends and earn one entry per day on Twitter. (Officially begins today, 11/28)
  • The Giveaway officially ends on Monday 12/28/2015 at 11:59 pm EST.
  • A random winner will be selected and announced on Tuesday 12/29/2015 on Twitter and my blog.

***UPDATE, Winner Announced!***
SK Lamont! 
Please contact me with the address you would like me to ship your book to!

Thank you everyone that participated!

11 thoughts on “Review Corner: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

  1. I want to accomplish my own creative living, by living a life that is full of writing, dance and working in clay. I’d love to paint and make jewelry too, well and a bunch of other fun things, though I know my focus needs to be on a few things, rather than the many! At the same time it’s very important for me to bring a spirit of creativity to my children and having plenty of time and energy to enjoy them! Before they too go off into the world on their own creative journeys!

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    1. That sounds wonderful SK! Thank you so much for sharing. Why not try everything? At least at some point 🙂 It must be a wonderful feeling, sharing the spirit of a creative life with your children. I wish you all luck on your amazing and wonderful creative journeys!


  2. The one thing I must conquer to achieve my BIG MAGIC and get to my purpose as a writer and a human being is FEAR. This is my goal. I want to write my stories, poems, and blog. I want to create with paint and clay, and I want to live an authentic life being who I was meant to be, say what I mean to say, and not worry about what anyone else thinks. Thanks for offering this giveaway. Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my favorite authors.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing Kim! Indeed, Fear can play the biggest part in holding someone back, especially the tender hearted writer and artist. Big Magic has some amazing insights to fear and how to leave it behind and get on with your creative living. It’s wonderful you’ve started taking the steps to conquer your fear, go you, Kim!

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    1. Indeed, making the time for our creative endeavors can be difficult, especially when other parts of our lives can so easily push it out of the way. I wish you luck in finding the time to make your creative pursuits! Thanks so much for commenting, Shannon!


  3. I’ve recently been inspired by the minimalist movement and decluttering. I know that without clutter hanging over my head….I can use that time and energy in a more creative manner.

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