Traditions and Thanks; a holiday post

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and many are currently cleaning their homes, entertaining out of town relatives, and of course, preparing for tomorrow’s meal. Some people love this time of year, others loathe it, and a hearty majority, I’m sure, rest somewhere between both and shift somewhere along the spectrum of extremes during the holiday season.

mom's thanksgiving table
First Thanksgiving at mom’s new home ’12

Cliché though it may be, I’d like to share a few things I’m thankful for this year, one for every birthday I’ve had so far:

  1. Thankful for my mom, for everything she does, for all the times she has been there for me, especially this past year.
  2. Thankful for the traditions that I love and hold dear and were passed down from my parents, and in particular my mother
  3. Thankful for my sister, how much she has grown, all she has had the courage to accomplish for herself and her family.
  4. Thankful for my niece, who is a bit of my heart and one of the reasons I write. She is so smart, kind, thoughtful, precocious, precious, and so much more, and her mom is a big part of that.
  5. Thankful for the niece or nephew that I will meet in June of next year
  6. Thankful for Dr. Heath’s words of encouragement that sparked me to send in my first piece for a contest that set me on my writing path.
  7. Thankful for family that is supportive of my writing, including my amazing stepdad.
  8. Thankful for the wonderful and kind nurses that I met this year, they made the hospital visits easier to bear.
  9. Thankful for phlebotomists that listen when I tell them I have tiny veins that roll and make blood draws as painless as they can.
  10. Thankful for the new apartment I moved into earlier this year, especially since it was on the day intended instead of the possible delay due to previous renters not moving on time.
  11. Thankful for the balcony I have and can enjoy sometimes.
  12. Thankful that my father’s basal cell carcinoma was caught and dealt with quickly and he is none worse the wear.
  13. Thankful for the family that I get to see around the holidays, including my father who is coming to visit this year.
  14. Thankful for books and the many authors that penned them.
  15. Thankful for art, creativity and everything to do with inspiration.
  16. Thankful for passion
  17. Thankful for intelligent, insightful, inspiring, conversation.
  18. Thankful for all that I have that sustains my existence.
  19. Thankful for the growing and fabulous writing community that has begun to grow from being a part of platform challenge.
  20. Thankful for the truest and dearest friends I’ve been able to find in 014cccabb8ed811b1df4d6550ff1c5c1
    this life; my tribe, the people that understand.
  21. Thankful for open-mindedness, even though it seems to be rare these days.
  22. Thankful for whatever resilience is within me and has kept me going when I wasn’t sure I could anymore.
  23. Thankful for all that I have learned and that is left to learn in this world.
  24. Thankful for yoga.
  25. Thankful for Netflix.
  26. Thankful for apple cinnamon scented candles and warm blankets to curl up in.
  27. Thankful for still being here.


I’m sure there are plenty of other things big and small to be thankful for, and I try to remember them every day, despite all of the difficulties.

This year, my sister is hosting Thanksgiving at her place with a handful of family. It will be the first year she does this, and I’m sure she will stress herself out about it far more than she needs to, but it will be a wonderful evening, I am sure. I happen to be in charge of bringing the mashed potatoes, kind of my specialty; well, that and the Christmas baking.

The Christmas baking and the decorating traditionally start this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. We used to put up our artificial Christmas tree (I’m allergic to pine and it’s quite a miserable holiday when you cannot breathe), we decorate the house (now I shall be decorating my apartment), and then we would watch A White Christmas (which I still do myself).


And in such ways, the two holidays are integrally linked in my mind and I begin to look forward to the next holiday season as soon as Thanksgiving is over. There are certain movies I watch now as my own tradition, and I’m excited to know already where I will be putting my tree (my “Christmas” lights are up in my living room year round because I very much enjoy the lighting any time).

This lighting makes me happy

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and invite you to list a thing or two that you are grateful for this year, or one of your favorite traditions or memories. Best wishes to all!!



8 thoughts on “Traditions and Thanks; a holiday post

    1. Happy thanksgiving! Indeed, it’s easy to get swept up in the dreary day to day and be overwhelmed with all the hard stuff, but it’s always good to stop and remember the good things.


  1. I am very thankful for my little boy who’s sitting in his car seat right now, with the rest of the kids, as we travel the eight hours to be with family in Virginia! I am grateful beyond words to the two families that donated livers to my son last year! That and the myriad of other things that we have to be truly thankful for!

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