The Unmotivated Post

Unfortunately I find myself unprepared for Wednesday and hopelessly unable to muster the proper motivation to correct such an oversight. I have been infinitely proud of myself for the consistency I’ve (somehow) managed to bring to my posts, despite beginning the trend while in hospital. It’s been a monumental personal goal that I’ve so far been able to achieve.

It may seem a silly thing to celebrate roughly two months of steady posting, but I will celebrate it anyway. Even this post is my attempt to continue, despite having depleted energy, lack of motivation, and a truly cruel inner voice.

Today is a hard day. We’ve all had them. I am drowning in ideas and activities and projects to apply my energy to, and yet it feels I have none to act upon. The height of frustrating. But, tomorrow is a new day.

Though I sincerely doubt I will look back on this particular post without cringing, in an effort to be kinder to myself, I will endeavor to make next week’s post that much stronger. Instead of berating myself, which I am *exceptional* at, for all the time not spent working on the post this week, I shall remind myself that I did also manage to finish a short story in time to submit it for a contest. So that’s a victory! Big or small, every victory is a victory none the less and should be celebrated. I forget far too often to be proud myself for the things I do, and that’s probably true for a lot of others out there too.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Keep going.


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