Falling for Autumn: 10 Reasons to love Autumn

It’s a week into September and I can already feel the whispery touch of autumn in the air. While out on my balcony as the sun begins to set or rise, I can feel the change in season, and it’s nearly my favorite time of the year. It hasn’t quite enveloped us yet, but every summer haze that is overtaken by crisp autumn winds brings us ever closer. Nearly everyone has a favorite season, a time of the year they look forward to the most, and apart from the true feeling of Christmas come winter time, autumn is my favorite time of the year. Here are 10 reasons I love autumn:
1.       Change in Weather-
Aside from the fact that I have no tolerance for the heat or humidity of the summer here and eagerly await the more habitable change in temperature, it’s that shift in the weather where it’s cooler outside but not cold, and there’s a crispness on the breeze that you can smell and feel tickling your skin announcing autumn that I adore.
2.       Coats and blankets-
I *love* trench coats, in the varying cuts and styles available, and fall is an excuse to break them out without dying from heat stroke (as a teenager, I used to wear a big heavy trench coat even in the summer…ah, youth…).  Blankets take up station over laps in the mornings while sipping coffee or settle over tired shoulders in the evening while enjoying the clear night air with the slight chill that comes with the season. The reason autumn wins over winter in these aspects is that they become mostly necessary in winter time, leaving the novelty or enjoyment to make way for the desire to not freeze.
3.       Lighting-
As we learned somewhere around fifth grade in science class, the seasons are caused by the changes in Earth’s proximity to the Sun and the differences in weather because of it. Somewhere between around the end of September, the lighting for outdoor photography, to me, is wonderful. October is my particularly favorite month, lighting wise. There is an ineffable quality to the light in the autumn afternoons and evenings that I find irresistible for photography purposes and am often most inspired in the fall months.
4.       Leaves-
Of course, anyone else who appreciates the fall knows that I would have to mention the change in leaves. When the colors of the trees begin to change it’s almost a magical place to me, something from a fairy tale or a story, picturesque in its beauty. More than that, I love the sound leaves make as they crinkle and scrape against the ground, the way they appear drifting through the air on the breeze. Autumn scenes depicted in pictures and paintings fill me with inspiration and wonder.
5.       Ray Bradbury-
The genius that gave us Fahrenheit 451 and gems like The Illustrated Man and Something Wicked This Way Comes, and so much more, is integrally linked in my mind to the autumn season. Ray Bradbury, may he rest in peace, is the man who brings the season to life for me with his words…no one writes autumn or that Halloween feel like Mr. Bradbury, as an example, I give you : ”October Country. . . that country where it is always turning late in the year.  That country where the hills are fog and the rivers are mist; where noons go quickly, dusks and twilights linger, and midnights stay.  That country composed in the main of cellars, sub-cellars, coal-bins, closets, attics, and pantries faced away from the sun.  That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts.  Whose people passing at night on the empty walks sound like rain. . . . “
6.       Halloween/ Dia de los Meurtos-
Ah yes, the time of the year where you dress as something other than what you are, and also remember our loved ones that have passed on the Day of the Dead. I have a great love and respect for this cultural celebration, and adore the art and beauty that comes with it. There’s so much to enjoy and respect about these respective holidays that adds to the appeal of the autumn season.
7.       Home Decor-
Something about this time of the year brings out some wonderful items for around the home, the types of things that make it *your* home. This is helped along by Halloween because often times it is Halloween décor that often becomes the daily décor for my home. Sometimes it’s lights (okay, often times its lights), but sometimes its candle holders or wall/door hangings, I’m never sure until I see it, but this time of this year is the best to find something I like.
8.       County Fair/Carnivals-
Hay mazes, hay rides, petting zoos, rides, games, funnel cake, cotton candy, and all the rest that comes with a county fair or carnival is synonymous with autumn. Children run around with coats unzipped, rushing from one ride to the next with bright cheeks and chilly air in their lungs as they plunge through the crowd with smiles painted on their faces as their parents call for them to slow down. Even as an adult, some rides still hold their appeal, and there’s nothing like watching the pure enjoyment of those around to remind our hearts of childhood merriment.
My favorite ride since childhood
9.       Pumpkin Bread-

No one was more surprised than I to find that I enjoy pumpkin bread…I was at a friend’s house one autumn evening and he and his girlfriend had made some pumpkin bread. I wanted to be polite, so I decided I would at least try it, even though I’ve never been a fan of anything pumpkin. Low and behold, it was delicious, and so I found something new I enjoyed this time of the year.  You can keep your pumpkin spice lattes or whatever, I will just take my pumpkin bread come the fall.

10. Family-
Even though Thanksgiving comes near the close of autumn, often right before or as winter gets her chilly grasp into us, it is a time I look forward to because of family. I see so many people and it’s a time to hear what everyone is thankful for, to see what the year has brought us, and what we can all look forward to next year, in between inwardly suppressing the urge to kill them all because while we love them, family is frustrating sometimes too; it’s part of why we love them.

So there you have it, ten of, I’m sure, plenty of other things to love about the autumn season. Please feel free to add anything that may be special to you about this change in the year and mark of passing time, or any favorite memories you have from this time of year.

2 thoughts on “Falling for Autumn: 10 Reasons to love Autumn

  1. For me, it's time to break out my scented candles. I start with apple cinnamon, autumnn leaves, pumpkin spice and then move to Fraser Fir or Balsam. And of course, there is hot apple cider to sip!


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