So…a much longer lull has passed than intended, though it has bothered me constantly.

First there were all the assignments to obtain that magical ticket to graduation, which happened and was a wonderful milestone in my life. These days I can still hardly believe that 9 years of fighting for and working towards this has finally delivered a diploma to my shelf. Since earlier this year I was job hunting, and I find myself there still, while at the same time scheming for the writer’s side of my “career”.

Then, I had an unfortunate circumstance in June which necessitated surgery, which then of course could not be simple, and ended with a 3 day hospital stay due to infection and severe anemia. I checked off blood transfusion from my Hospital Stay BINGO card or whatever scorecard is the record keeper for these things. I find myself still on the mend, though quite thankful I’m at least mending in my new domicile which is quickly becoming my lair as I settle further in.

All of that mess now behind me, and with many a plan of action before me, I thought it best to start this machine up again because I still intend to utilize this blog as I had hoped. While I don’t have much to show in the way of finished and ready to go material, I also have a lot before me to work on and have found the start up button for my drive, just hoping it doesn’t die on me too soon.

I’m limping, crawling, sliding my way there, but I haven’t stopped, and I will always keep going. I hope all is well with you ❤


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