DMG Byrnes is an author and poet, artist, freelancer, perpetual project acquirer, and more light 041crop.jpgdragon tamer. She plots in her lair outside of Atlanta and is a disabled spoonie with chronic illnesses, working and creating in between the many (un)expected health-related hurdles.

She’s currently seeking the right agent to team up with to represent her multi-/mixed-genre work. She’s completed her first novel, The Foretelling Spark, an adult suspense/thriller with paranormal elements, and is in the process of working on her next (also could be read as trying to choose between WIPs).

Besides poetry, DMG mostly enjoys writing Adult and YA fantasy, sci-fi, literary, and queer/LGBT+ fiction, with the occasional attempt at nonfiction and memoir. She also has a special love for writing children’s books with her nieces and younger self in mind.


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