Welcome to the home of DMG Byrnes.

Here you can expect to find information on DMG’s books and publications, keep up with blog posts and book reviews, read some fun free fiction, connect via other social media sites,  and more to come. To keep up with and hear about important news, updates, giveaways, and announcements first, sign up for for DMG’s Newsletter!!

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She is currently searching for the right agent to represent her novel The Foretelling Spark.The Foretelling Spark




Recent Blog Posts:

sarah-keySensational Spoken Word Poetry Favorites Worth Your Time: A few years ago, while attempting to pare down the rather sizeable list of to-watch TEDtalks I’d accumulated, a talk that opened with a spoken word poem caught my attention, and my heartstrings. It was Sarah Kay’s “If I should have a daughter…” Even once the poem had ended, Sarah was delightful to listen to as she went on to discuss what spoken word poetry is to her. I was soon curious to hear more of, not only Sarah’s poems, but others as well…click here

img_2336My Visit to the Tremendous Angel Oak Tree: In an attempt to regroup and heal a fraction from the heinous and disappointing ramifications of the past year and a half or so, a good friend and I decided to attempt to get away for a few days…I haven’t really been able to relax much because…well, the obvious reasons concerning the world currently, but I have managed to find a few moments of enjoyment. On Sunday, I finally got to visit a tree that I’ve been in love with for years…click here

giphy-2Why I Will Never Have a Favorite Book: You mention your love of books, or you’re among book lovers, mention that you’re an author, or having an interview, you’re getting to know someone….you know the questions is coming…..what is your favorite book?…click here

carrie-fisher-gif-may-the-force-be-with-youLooking to the New Year: With a weary sigh I say that 2016 is nearly at an end, and I cannot stand to speculate what may happen in the coming year, on so many levels; if you follow me on social media at all, it probably has not escaped your notice that I’ve been having some troubles with my usual nemeses: chronic illness, PTSD, anxiety, and depression, all of which are connected and fuel off each other…click here


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